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Teen Dog Class

Don’t just survive through the teenage years. Thrive!

For dogs 5-24 months old.

Set your dog up for success!

Did your dog hit the teenage years and seem to forget all that training you put in? This can be one of the most frustrating times you will have with your dog and you aren’t alone!

Bark All About It Training Academy’s Teen Class will guide you through the most common challenges faced so your teen will grow into a well-mannered adult.

Location: The Beast Boutique (4 – 6115 4 St SE, Calgary)

Teen Life Skills & Manners

Curriculum Overview

Building a Great Relationship

Adolescent dogs become more independent and have reduced relationship with their owner. Our games-based training allows you to have fun while still communicating clear expectations and boundaries through management strategies.

Grow Proximity

Adolescent have a desire for adventure and tend to wander farther from their people. Play games to build your dog’s desire to stay close to which has a direct impact on loose leash walking and recall.

Calmness & The Dimmer Switch

Adolescent dogs become more impulsive and go from 0-100. Learn strategies to grow calmness and to regulate their arousal levels.


Adolescent dogs become more responsive and seek interaction with others outside their family. Develop skills to help them ignore major distractions and engage more with you.

Optimism & Pessimism

Adolescent dogs become more pessimistic and you may see more outbursts due to fear and uncertainty. Learn games to grow optimism so they can navigate the world with confidence.

Basic Manners

Adolescent dogs have reduced responsiveness to their owners. They tend to ignore cues they once responded well too. Review and train their basic manners in a new environment.

Important Class Information

Requirements: This class is for dogs 5-24 months. Payment and proof of vaccinations are required at registration.

Time Commitment: This is a 50 min class that runs for 6 consecutive weeks.

Price: $275

Location: The Beast Boutique (4 – 6115 4 St SE, Calgary)

Upcoming Classes:

Sun Oct 1 – Nov 5 @ 10:00 – 10:50 am

Happy Clients!

We’ve been taking our pup to Bark All About It’s puppy classes and it has been great! It’s a really great opportunity to socialize your pup to new people, puppies, and environments in a safe and structured setting. Monica is very helpful and takes the time to talk to everyone individually to address any issues or concerns that you are having with your pup. She has tons of great advice and insight on raising and training a happy and healthy pup. I highly recommend attending any classes offered by Bark All About It!

Keisha & Ellie

Not sure?

If you are not sure where to start with your dog, reach out and tell us about your pooch. We will help you from there.