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The Calm & Focused Dog

Do you wish your dog was more engaged, calm, cool, and collected? You are in the right place!

Set your dog up for success!

Does your dog struggle with settling down? Do they go from 0-100 in a moment’s time?

Did you know that a calm dog is better able to make good choices?

Bark All About It Training Academy’s Calm & Focused Dog Program will teach your dog how to control their arousal level and how to be calm in different environments.

Location: The Beast Boutique (4 – 6115 4 St SE, Calgary)

The Calm & Focused Dog Class

Curriculum Overview

Calmness & The Dimmer Switch

We will discuss arousal levels and how to develop a plan based on The Calmness Triad. Learn strategies and games to grow the concept of calmness with your dog.

Boundary Skills

Boundary games teaches your dog to stay on a place until released. It is a powerful tool to prevent, manage and even eliminate some behaviour struggles. It teaches dogs how to be calm and regulate their arousal levels.

Optimism Skills

An optimistic dog thinks the best of the world around them. They adjust quickly to new situations and easily bounce back after difficult situations.

Important Class Information

Requirements: This class is for any age dog. Payment and proof of vaccinations are required at registration.

Time Commitment: This is a 50 min class that runs for 6 consecutive weeks.

Price: $275

Location: The Beast Boutique (4 – 6115 4 St SE, Calgary)

Upcoming Classes:

Sun Oct 1 – Nov 5 @ 11:00-11:50 am

Happy Clients!

We’ve been taking our pup to Bark All About It’s puppy classes and it has been great! It’s a really great opportunity to socialize your pup to new people, puppies, and environments in a safe and structured setting. Monica is very helpful and takes the time to talk to everyone individually to address any issues or concerns that you are having with your pup. She has tons of great advice and insight on raising and training a happy and healthy pup. I highly recommend attending any classes offered by Bark All About It!

Keisha & Ellie

Not sure?

If you are not sure where to start with your dog, reach out and tell us about your pooch. We will help you from there.