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Adult Dog Class

Teach an old dog new tricks! Whether you just adopted your dog or you beloved family pet needs a refresher, we got your back! For dogs over 2 years old.

Set your dog up for success!

Whether you just adopted your dog or your beloved family members needs some manners refinement, you are in the right spot!

Bark All About It Training Academy’s Adult Program will guide you through the most common challenges dog owners face so your dog can become one you are proud to take anywhere.

Location: The Beast Boutique (4 – 6115 4 St SE, Calgary)

Adult Life Skills & Manners

Curriculum Overview

Boundary Skills

Boundary games teaches your dog to stay on a place until released. It is a powerful tool to prevent, manage and even eliminate some behaviour struggles. It teaches dogs how to be calm and regulate their arousal levels.

Leash Skills

Leashes are mandatory pieces of equipment unless you are visiting an off leash park. For some people, walking nicely on leash is a constant struggle. We want to bring the joy back into your walks.

Calmness Skills

Calmness is a vital foundation skill because a calm dog is able to make better decisions. They are less likely to get frustrated and experienced overwhelm.

Optimism Skills

An optimistic dog thinks the best of the world around them. They adjust quickly to new situations and easily bounce back after difficult situations. Building confidence in dogs is an ongoing skill on our curriculums.

Proximity Skills

Teaching your dog the value in staying close to you is a key concept for skills such as loose leash walking and recall. Learn fun proximity games so you can confidently take your dog off leash or enjoy on leash explorations.

Relationship Skills

Do you want a dog who is motivated and ready for action? How about one who will work for different types of rewards? Learn how to build value in the reward experience and bring the fun back into training.

Important Class Information

Requirements: This class is for dogs 2 years and older. Payment and proof of vaccinations are required at registration.

Time Commitment: This is a 50 min class that runs for 6 consecutive weeks.

Price: $275

Location: The Beast Boutique (4 – 6115 4 St SE, Calgary)

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Bark All About It is amazing! Great dog trainers and super knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend!

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If you are not sure where to start with your dog, reach out and tell us about your pooch. We will help you from there.